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Kiwi fruits-Natures’ gift!

Kiwi fruits are very popular in many countries and they are also cultivated in many parts of the world. The world's leading producer of kiwi fruit is Italy.

China took lots of interest in cultivating the kiwi fruits which was primarily found in the jungle. The production of the fruit was quite good in the early 20th century. But now china isn't leading the production. It grows the fruits in the mountainous parts of the country. The seeds were taken to New Zealand to a nursery and soon it became popular and it spread across various parts of the world.

The kiwi fruits were known by many local names. It got its name 'kiwi' from the kiwi bird which is light brown in color and is also the national symbol of the New Zealand. It has been named so for marketing purposes and the country has been successful in marketing the fruit to various parts. The kiwi production is so popular in New Zealand that the fruit is now associated with the country.

The fruit is mainly found in East Asian countries and soon began to spread to various parts of the world. The fruit is also found in countries like Greece, US, Japan. The fruit is also found in some parts of India. The fruit is of a smaller size and is brown in color. There are many hybrids of the fruits and the green kiwi is also a popular one among the hybrids of the kiwi fruits.

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