Kiwi fruit calories

Kiwi fruits are widely used in fruit salads owing to the fact that they are less acidic and they are popularly used with wine. There are lots of health benefits that one could get from the fruit! The famous hybrid among the kiwi fruits is the golden kiwi. If you slice the kiwi fruit you could find lots of seeds in it. These seeds are also edible and one could find the fruit to be bronze in color. The fruit is also known in various names like woody berry, hairy brush fruit etc.

The fruit is an excellent source of vitamin A, C and potassium. Although the fruits contain good sources of vitamins, it contains certain enzymes that may cause allergy to few people. Recipes that are made using the kiwi fruits also does not go well with milk. Hence one must avoid the fruit to be used with recipes that contain milk. There are lots of side effects one is susceptible to when using the fruit.
Hence it is highly recommended to confirm that the kiwi fruits work well with you before consuming them! Kiwi fruits are no doubt a nature’s gift and hence it is necessary to ensure that the fruits are taken in good quantities in order to boost your health!